Facebook Lead Ads

For decades advertisers have struggled immensely to engage adequately with mobile phone users, just as mobile users have struggled to communicate to businesses what it is they want to learn about their products or services. These days users expect to be able to do everything on their phones, but have previously been unable to discover and communicate to business what it is that they like or want more of. Facebook’s Lead Ads efficiently tackle this problem, by connecting businesses with the people who want to hear directly from them, allowing users to sign-up for more information from businesses in a quick and privacy-friendly way, which of course, also helps overcome people’s aversion to filling out forms. With such pain-free forms, conversion rates are much bigger, generating lower cost per lead than sending to a landing page.

From getting users to sign-up for newsletters, events, and more information about their product, lead ads simplify this process for businesses. For example, when a user clicks on your lead ad, a pop-up form opens up with this user’s contact info based on the information they have given Facebook. Advertisers are also able to ask a long list of information in addition to asking custom questions. Because Facebook built this with privacy as a priority, a lead ad gives users the freedom to edit this information before it’s submitted to any business.Additionally, the advertiser must provide a privacy policy that’s embedded within the ad, and are not allowed to re-sell information collected from these ads.

Creating lead ads is also incredibly easy; you simply select create a lead form, by default Facebook will request email and full name, but more options are available based on name, address, phone number, employment questions, and demographic information.Businesses are also able to collect lead information in real time, through synchronizing with a CRM solution from one of Facebook’s own marketing platforms, or downloading the lead information manually into a CSV file.

So who are they for? From bookstores using lead ads to promote books on sale, to car manufacturers encouraging users to get a quote on a car, lead ads are for any business who wants to connect with their users. Gone were the days of clinking a link to an external website and waiting for a page to load and filling out forms.

Find out more: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/lead-ads-launch