Making the Physical World Clickable

Quikkly Tags can be scanned by smart phones to automatically connect you to online content bringing the physical world and web closer than ever. These tags are called ’Action Tags’, which can be made into any picture, word or symbol. Looking good isn’t the only advantage. Quikkly tags are referred to by TechCrunch as being more human-readable. This is because through customisation brands can create Action Tags that look like labels, acting as signposts, which indicate exactly what one is scanning. This means, no longer will one be scanning an unreadable enlarged barcode hoping that they have ‘shared’ the right story on Facebook.

Arguably, Quikkly Tags are an updated version of QR codes, which are now in danger of becoming surpassed by these attractive and clear Action tags. This is because QR codes are often an array of black and white squares on the bottom of a poster, the corner of a leaflet or the back of some business card. This layout is not exactly engaging and does not give a clear indication of what is going to be linked to once they have scanned it.

Another bonus to Quikkly in comparison to QR codes is that they are more direct. People aren’t being sent to a ‘homepage’ and then having to navigate through endless amount of pages to reach their desired link. Instead, Quikkly Tags prioritise apps over websites, thus offering a seamless experience and immediately invoking an online action such as ‘liking’ a comment or ‘sharing’ a post. For this reason, Quikkly makes it easier and quicker to connect to specific content on the web from the physical world.

Why would Mangostorm be interested in it? Well it’s a relief to find that someone has come up with a way to make QR codes less invasive and more attractive. But the real reason is that for many of our clients these tags would be hugely beneficial. It will help people connect to their web content a lot easier and make it quicker for the target audience to ‘ like’, ‘share’ or ‘follow’ their accounts.

One obvious issue with Quikkly is that users are required to have an accompanying app; in this case, one that will scan and interpret an Action Tag. Though this is a slight issue worth considering, we feel Quikkly offers a more accessible and direct way to engage online than QR codes. As well as this mobile activity is exceeding desktop activity online. Therefore, Quikkly provides a quick and effective way to take potential customers directly to a page of interest from their phone, helping to develop mobile strategies.

Overall, Quikkly’s customised Action Tags are attractive and direct. They take the next step in bringing the web closer into the physical world; a line of thought that is always interesting for us at Mangostorm Media.