Meeting the Team – Sarah Maxwell

SarahWhat’s your role?

As Director of Business Development, I actively attend numerous networking and tech innovation events to gain marketing insights and to meet prospective clients that I can tell are poised for great success and helping them to achieve results quickly and affordably.

What were you doing before you joined Mangostorm Media?

I worked in NYC, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley as a Marketing Consultant with a variety of clients in Digital Media, Hospitality, and Entertainment. I worked with a company that helped to make television interactive, providing services like in-flight entertainment and the ability to cast your vote live on a show like The X Factor. I like to see “the power to the people” effect. I truly enjoy helping businesses grow through strategic partnerships, smart marketing and supporting entrepreneurial spirit.

What was the agencies biggest developments so far in 2015?

We added a number of suppliers and platforms to our service offering that have enabled us to be much more highly targeted with our digital marketing efforts as well as have very detailed analytics. We also grew our team and moved to new offices in the West End.

What will 2016 bring?

We are very excited about the new clients we are bringing on board. We’ve taken on a number of large established Brands to help develop their digital side which is always exciting, as well as some smaller Start-Ups who are right at the beginning of their journey.
We’re also launching the Mangostorm Network – an exclusive digital marketing platform that will enable us to offer Native advertising and unique Social Media Marketing, through using Brand Ambassadors and organic channels, therefore keeping our clients ahead of the Digital curve.

Convince someone to use Mangostorm Media in under 50 words?

At Mangostorm Media we have a truly dedicated and talented team. We are committed to the success of our clients to help them grow and prosper. They are so pleased with the results that most have stayed with us year-on-year, as well as sent many referrals, which is the best form of testimonial you can receive.