An account Health Check is simply offering a service where we can deep dive into your account to determine where we can improve account performance, ensure all possible features are being utilised and if the account is scalable and has potential to grow whilst improving ROI.

The Health Check will give an overall score out of 10 based on the following criteria:

  • Account Structure
  • Budgeting
  • Effective us of all features
  • Quality Score
  • Creative
  • Optimisation
  • Use of keywords

Why would you want a Health Check?

An account Health Check should be undertaken particularly if you’ve experienced performance issues and has been managed by several account managers over a short period of time. Alternatively, it is also important to run a Health Check if the same person or team has been managing the account for a long period of time, therefore requiring a fresh new approach to the account.

What Does the Health Check Include?

  • We’ll look at campaign, adgroup and keyword level data over the last 3 months, taking into consideration any possible seasonal impact
  • Does the account require restructuring? Are there any keywords cannibalising daily campaign budgets?
  • Impression Share Analysis – are campaigns and keywords getting maximum share of voice? Are you being restricted by budgets, bids and broad matching?
  • Provide Analysis on keyword performance by CPA, ROI, CTR and QS

In addition to the PPC Health Check, we will analyse your existing Remarketing, PLA and Display campaigns and ensure these are set up correctly. The Health Check will focus on what is your priority for the campaigns and your business, and what changes can be made to help maximise and improve your KPI’s and exploit areas which may have been missed.

Social Media Account Health Check

Organic Activity

On all social media networks, your profile is given a quality score in relation to the content you post and the level of interaction posts see from your followers. On Facebook your organic content is shown to sub 1% of your most engaged followers. If the post then gains traction it is rolled out to a further 2-4%, depending on engagement.

We will highlight how content can be improved including subject, tone of voice, style of posts and call to actions. In addition to this we’ll look at the ‘Back End’ of the page, analysing who is following your account.

Paid Activity

As a brand you can increase the size of the audience that sees your page content with Like campaigns/follower campaigns and Boosted posts, target your key audience with a range of Advert options and retarget visitors to your site who are yet to convert.

Using a range of media we can help increase the conversion rates of all your campaigns, and the following audits can help highlight any problems:

Ad Formats

  • Are you using the best Ad type for your campaign?
  • Are you maximising opportunities with different ad options and using all elements of each ad?
  • How often are you adding new creatives?

Interests and Targeting:

  • Are the audiences you’re targeting reflective of who is engaging with your page?
  • Are the target audiences big enough to drive good levels of conversions
  • Have you set up remarketing campaigns
  • Are all pixels reporting correctly or do you need to add these?

Ad Content:

  • Are the appealing to your target audience?
  • Are the ads going to the correct landing page?
  • Are you A/B testing creatives?

What We Need:

Reporting only access to your Advert accounts, we do the rest!


We offer a Free Basic Health Check for all new and existing clients who’s accounts we manage on an ongoing basis.
We also offer this as a one off service at £350 with no obligation to engage further service.

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