“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is”
– Scott Cook

Advertising through Social Media platforms is an ever growing tool. You are constantly in your Customers pocket with 80% of Social Media time spent on mobile, meaning your product or service is just a click away. However, recognising how your customer is using Social Media and what content will entice them to engage is the difference between a successful and lacklustre campaign.

Whether it’s selling tickets through Facebook, creating awareness through Twitter or creating Click to Buy ads through Instagram, we can’t just get you great Return on Investment through your campaigns but help you create engaging, sharable content, tailored to the platform.

There are a wide range of channels and formats for Social Media Marketing, as well as the opportunity to strategically target your key audiences. As part of running your campaigns we will provide:

  • Recommendations and insights into the best formats across the channels
  • Developed content and strategy based around your main objective
  • Engaging text and Imagery content
  • Research and develop target audiences
  • Forecasting on results based on audience and budgets
  • Detailed weekly reporting and phone call to go through results

Already have Social Media Campaigns?

We can provide a Social Media Health Check to go through and assess your accounts and highlight how content can be improved including content, targeting, style of posts and call to actions. We will also review all the additional features and recommend any improvements to increase engagement.

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