Twitter: Hacking Yourself to Success

TwitterTwitter is a crucial tool for many businesses. Yet it is amazing how many people don’t use the platform to its full potential. Comms Axis, a digital intelligence company, posted an article on how to fully utilise your twitter account. We have extensive social media experience at Mangostorm Media and have put together some quick top Twitter tips that will help hack yourself to success.

  1. A key feature to twitter has been its ability to use Hashtags, linking you to trends or certain content. According to Comms Axis (the digital intelligence company) one way to optimise your profile is by placing hashtags in your bio. People search for particular hashtags; and having them in your bio as well as your tweets increases the chance of your account being found. However, be aware if your bio becomes overcome by hashtags it will look a little OTT. So we recommend if you are going to do it only use a few and do it subtly.
  2. It’s important to get an increase in followers but it is just as important to keep them! To do this you need to make your content diverse, interesting and of course engaging. Comms Axis mentions the success of using videos and they are right to do so. Mangostorm Media works with various clients across social media platforms and we always see an increase in engagement when a video is used. So get those pictures moving, add a little music and voila you have yourself and even more engaging tweet that your followers will love.
  3. An Engaging account with lots of Twitter followers is hard to keep on top off. But there is a way to stay connected without having to remain glued to your computer screen. The key is getting Siri to tweet on your behalf. Simply talk into your phone and Siri has it all sorted. You can tweet an update, follow users or even ‘like’ someone’s post, allowing you to tweet on the go, wherever you are. Unfortunately this top tip is only available for Apple users.
  4. You now have an engaging, well-known Twitter account that you can access quickly and easily through Siri. Yet, how do you continue to be as productive as possible? The key to hacking yourself to success ultimately lies in Twitter’s Analytics. Here at Mangostorm Media we rely on this feature to find out what works, what doesn’t work and how to improve and continue being successful. Analytics can show you impressions across a month or in one single tweet. You can examine profile visits, mentions as well as monthly tweet highlights. Analytics provides key insights and it is free so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it.

These small points are small steps that can be taken to make sure your marketing is more effective on Twitter.